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Google Map API Courses Content

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    Core Objects

  • API Key
  • DOM Elements
  • Defining the map: GMap2
  • Initializing the map and referencing locations: GLatLng, GLatLngBounds

    Map Control Objects: GControl class

  • Panning
  • Zooming
  • GOverviewMapControl
  • Modifying standard controls: Changing and adding Map Types
  • Creating custom controls: assigning prototype objects to the GControl instance, defining handlers for initialize() andgetDefaultPosition() methods

    User Data Objects: click events, listeners, info windows, overlays

  • Markers: GMarker, GIcon
  • Info Windows
  • Creating overlays: Drawing polylines with GPolyline, GPolygon, GGroundOverlay
  • Creating tile and tile layer overlays


  • Event Listeners
  • DOM Events
  • GMarker Events

    Services and AJAX

  • DHTML and AJAX
  • XML and data parsing: GXmlHttp
  • Geocoder Web Services
  • Street View objects
  • Google Earth Integration
  • Local Search
  • GeoRSS Overlays
  • Basic KML
  • Placemarks
  • Icons
  • Descriptive HTML
  • KMZ (compressed KML, including attached images)
  • Polylines and polygons
  • Styles for polylines and polygons, including color, fill, and opacity
  • Network links to import data dynamically
  • Ground overlays and screen overlays
  • Importing GIS data
  • Using KML Touring
  • Traffic Overlays
  • Directions

    UI/UX/Best Practice

  • Markers (size/shape/color/anchor/state/quantity)
  • Info window (control, overlay, bubble
  • Browser compatibility
  • Character encoding
  • XHTML and VML
  • Memory Leaks
  • Upgrades/Updates
  • Localization